Pitch your Startup like Moira Rose

Cindy Sideris
3 min readAug 16, 2020

What happens when you select a lot of random Moira Rose gifs and frame pitching a startup around them? The following.


Network. Build a product/service/community. Maybe do some PR.

Attend events. Get tired and boycott events. Feel bad about skipping events. Starting going to events again (post-COVID, y’all).

Talk to people. INSPIRE!

Bounce back from debilitating doubts. Get an “image”. Change your image.

Take advice from way too many people on pitching. Practice your pitch.

Take up yoga and/or transcendental meditation. Breathe!

Pitch. Pitch again. Keep on pitching! Take constructive feedback; pitch again!

Tell & sell your story. Gain confidence. SLAY! (Avoid pigeons). You made it!

Yes, to the end of a hypothetical fundraise… and also this silly article.



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