10 times you’ll cry watching Hamilton during a pandemic

Cindy Sideris
2 min readJul 2, 2020

Who lives, who dies… who uncontrollably cries? You do!

Ah, Hamilton. The acclaimed Broadway musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda, whose In the Heights on Broadway was groundbreaking, yet has been increasingly forgotten because of… Hamilton. But I digress.

We’re all in luck… because at an undisclosed hour tonight (midnight?) Hamilton’s original Broadway cast filmed live will be available to stream on Disney+. Da da da da daaaaaa, indeed!

That said, this show is going to make you cry. Like, uncontrollably sob and spit out some wine as you try valiantly to breathe and wonder why you’re crying just because people are… singing? But it’s, like, cool, modern singing? And there’s a turntable, and some really pretty lighting, and did a staircase just come out of the sky? Sure, I believe it.

But really… you will cry. A lot. I think you will cry even more because of recent events… and by that I mean the glaring reality and increased consciousness of the continual systemic racism against Black people in America, and because (if you’re not an asshole) you’re wearing a mask in public still and social distancing at home because plans have been cancelled.

This is all you have right now… and it’s going to hurt you.

Cool. Let’s go!

  1. “To the groom… to the bride!”

Oh…were YOU supposed to get married this year?


2. A.Ham was just like us… hanging at a pub with friends!


3. Remember pre-mask catcalling?

This will remind you.

4. Similarly… how are those Zoom meetings going for you?

This one’s for you, Karen.

(If #4 doesn’t apply to you…)

5. Employment.

’Tis but a distant dream.

5. Indoor Dining

Yeah, we ALL wanna be in the room, Aaron.

6. People so close.. they could touch…

Social distancing of the 1770’s was not super distant.

7. Politics.

Everything seems fine and competently handled. Yup. We’re all fine.

8. How’s pandemic dating going for you?

Her too.

9. Oh look, an uninformed white guy angrily talking without a mask.

At least he’s not a political protagonist… or coming towards you on a narrow sidewalk on the phone.

10. Girl power.

Honestly, this gif is too good to not use twice.

Enjoy, learn, process… then get to WERK!

(Oh, and don’t support this.)



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